Do you find you are more short tempered than usual?  Are your kids/spouse/pets driving you crazy? Are you stressed out? Anxious? Sad? Bored? Are you frustrated because you are forced to make a change based on things you have no control over?   Or perhaps its because your gym is closed and now your routine is completely thrown off and the scale clearly has it out for you.   Can you relate to any of these? If so…keep reading:

There are many ways to handle change, or situations that cause a negative or immediate reaction. Reactions that you feel as if you have no control over and may leave you saying “sorry, I didn’t mean to say that”.   A lot of times negative stress comes from a lack of being in control, or fear of the future. You’re not alone. I want to encourage you and share a simple tool you can apply immediately, if you are able to remember 1 simple word:

(Breathe, Remove, Assess, Visualize, Engage)

I apply this ALL the time.  At work, at home, when I’m having a conversation with myself (admit it, you talk to yourself too).   This acronym reminds me that we cannot control the circumstance but we can control how we react to it. It reminds me that  I am Brave and I’m going to confront this situation and these feelings. I am choosing to stay in control of how I react.  

How does it work?


Do it with me.  Inhale, Exhale. After you exhale, close your mouth. Think of your lips being glued shut. This is important if you are about to embark in a yelling match or you are just itching to tell someone how you really feel.    


Physically take a step back. When you are wound up, its normal to want to step into the situation, but not today. Today, you are in control. Taking as step back is going to prompt you for the next step which is so critical.  


Why are you really upset?  Why are you on the verge of turning into the incredible Hulk?  Is it simply miscommunication? Are you tired? Hungry perhaps?   Are you reacting out of emotion rather than being in control? Take this moment to think about it.  


Take a look at yourself.  What kind of person do YOU want to be?  How do you want your best self to react to this situation? If you aren’t sure, that’s OK! Subscribe to this blog and join our journey to “becoming the best versions of ourselves.”


This is when you finally get to react to the situation. It might look like, keeping those lips sealed and walking away.  It might be getting down on your knees to hold your child’s hands and speak to them about the behavior, it may be discussing your true feelings to your partner or friend and expressing the actual issue – which might have nothing to do with the situation in front of you. 

Whatever it is that you choose to do, you are now in control.  You are not letting your emotions lead you, you are leading your emotions, which is extremely BRAVE of you!

It seems like a lot, but this all happens in seconds.    Seconds that will make the difference between an uncomfortable day, or a relaxed more in control YOU.   Give it a try, and let me know if it works for you!

Stay Healthy & Be Brave,
Girl on Fiber