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Do you find you are more short tempered than usual?  Are your kids/spouse/pets driving you crazy? Are you stressed out? Anxious? Sad? Bored? Are you frustrated because you are forced to make a change based on things you have no control over?   Or perhaps its because your gym is closed and now your routine is completely thrown off and the scale clearly has it out for you.   Can you relate to any of these? If so…keep reading:

There are many ways to handle change, or situations that cause a negative or immediate reaction. Reactions that you feel as if you have no control over and may leave you saying “sorry, I didn’t mean to say that”.   A lot of times negative stress comes from a lack of being in control, or fear of the future. You’re not alone. I want to encourage you and share a simple tool you can apply immediately, if you are able to remember 1 simple word:

(Breathe, Remove, Assess, Visualize, Engage)

I apply this ALL the time.  At work, at home, when I’m having a conversation with myself (admit it, you talk to yourself too).   This acronym reminds me that we cannot control the circumstance but we can control how we react to it. It reminds me that  I am Brave and I’m going to confront this situation and these feelings. I am choosing to stay in control of how I react.  

How does it work?


Do it with me.  Inhale, Exhale. After you exhale, close your mouth. Think of your lips being glued shut. This is important if you are about to embark in a yelling match or you are just itching to tell someone how you really feel.    


Physically take a step back. When you are wound up, its normal to want to step into the situation, but not today. Today, you are in control. Taking as step back is going to prompt you for the next step which is so critical.  


Why are you really upset?  Why are you on the verge of turning into the incredible Hulk?  Is it simply miscommunication? Are you tired? Hungry perhaps?   Are you reacting out of emotion rather than being in control? Take this moment to think about it.  


Take a look at yourself.  What kind of person do YOU want to be?  How do you want your best self to react to this situation? If you aren’t sure, that’s OK! Subscribe to this blog and join our journey to “becoming the best versions of ourselves.”


This is when you finally get to react to the situation. It might look like, keeping those lips sealed and walking away.  It might be getting down on your knees to hold your child’s hands and speak to them about the behavior, it may be discussing your true feelings to your partner or friend and expressing the actual issue – which might have nothing to do with the situation in front of you. 

Whatever it is that you choose to do, you are now in control.  You are not letting your emotions lead you, you are leading your emotions, which is extremely BRAVE of you!

It seems like a lot, but this all happens in seconds.    Seconds that will make the difference between an uncomfortable day, or a relaxed more in control YOU.   Give it a try, and let me know if it works for you!

Stay Healthy & Be Brave,
Girl on Fiber

We are approaching a holiday that is a Chocolatiers dream! It’s…EASTER! Of all the many great things Easter brings, one of them is indeed, Chocolate. Chocolate Bunnies, Chocolate Eggs, Chocolate…well, you name it!

How can you walk into the store and not think about Chocolate or candy this time of year? It’s everywhere. If you are reading this, I need to remind you, that you have committed to a partaking in this lifestyle of healthy living and I am hear to help encourage you. Now, I wish I was able to give you an “eat chocolate, burn fat” quick fix guide, but then I would be a liar. What I can tell you, with the utmost confidence, is that you…YES YOU, are stronger than you think. Temptations will always be there, but you have the power to set boundaries. You have the power to say NO. You are in control!

Here are some tips and tricks to kick those candy cravings and get you through this Easter season:

  1. If you need crave chocolate, aim for 70% or greater dark chocolate.  I challenge you to take it a step further and seek out the organic, fair trade chocolate!  
    • Eaten in moderation there are some scientifically backed health benefits! Read more here
  2. If your child (or spouse) have those little treats lying around, get to the gym, go for a walk, go outside…my point is – don’t just sit around the house with the little chocolate voices calling you to eat them!
  3. DRINK WATER and plenty of it!
  4. Eat balanced meals throughout the day and don’t let yourself get too hungry. Need help with Nutrition – check out Balanced Habits, it’s a phenomenal program with proven results.
  5. Set a goal first thing in the morning when your motivation is the highest and stick to it!  Trust your will power and be confident.

If at first you don’t succeed, tomorrow is a new day!

If I were to ask you to think about a negative person, does someone instantly come to mind? Have you ever stopped and wondered how many people think of YOUwhen asked that question? A negative person is simply a result of negative thinking and I have some very easy and actionable ways to instantly turn yourself into a positive thinker, no matter what the situation by removing those negative thoughts.

I recently stumbled across this statement quoted by the Huffington Post:

On average, a person has anywhere from 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day!

Huffington Post

WAIT….WHAT? Are you kidding me?

With all of that noise going on inside of our heads, how do we know which thoughts to hang on to and which thoughts to let go?  Is it possible to get consumed in our own negative thinking and never truly focus or accomplish anything?

These are all questions you should be asking yourself…. But seriously, stop and think about what you are thinking about and where your mind naturally wonders off to.

If you are like me and sometimes have negative thoughts, whether that be thoughts of self-doubt, a negative experience, traumatic situation, financial stress, fear of something (the list could go on) it’s important to know how to let a thought go.

3 SIMPLE Steps to letting go of Negative Thoughts

Step 1: Stop and realize that it is a thought  (sounds silly, but try it. Consciously recognize that thought as a tangible item and grab hold of it in your mind)

Step 2:  Take that thought and either change it into something positive OR let it go.  Bye, bye negative thoughts, I have no time for you!

Step 3:  Breath and congratulate yourself, only 49,999 more thoughts to go!

The power of positive thinking will change your life.  How awesome would it be that in every challenging situation, you could find the positive look on it.   How great will you feel when people refer to you as “always positive” or “the happiest person they know”? Positive thinking not only makes life more enjoyable but it will open doors to opportunities you didn’t realize existed.

Your lifestyle tour guide,

Girl on Fiber

Did you know, your body is made up of 60% water and you cannot live without it.   There are many tips and tricks out there, but here are 15 quick and easy ways to help you increase your water intake:

  1. Buy a leak proof water bottle and carry it around with you.  
  2. Don’t like the taste?  Infuse it! My favorite is lemon but click here for creative ways to improve the taste of your water
  3. Determine how many glasses or bottles of water you need to drink and wear that number of elastic bands around your wrist.  Every time you finish the glass/bottle then take off the elastic (or switch wrists).
  4. Keep track of your water intake:
    1. Download an App on your phone or wearable (if applicable)
    2. Make a tally sheet at your desk
  5. Create a challenge in the office
  6. Set an alarm
  7. Drink a glass of water before every meal
  8. Buy a 2L (or bigger) bottle and fill it up in the morning and don’t go to sleep until it’s empty
  9. Make it a habit.  Drink water when before you do common tasks that are already a habit, such as brushing your teeth, or directly after you use the bathroom
  10. Go to the gym.  When you workout, you sweat. When you sweat, you get thirsty!  
  11. Pour a glass of water as soon as you get home and leave it on the counter where you can see it
  12. Have water on your desk at work at all times
  13. Take your water bottle out of your bag and put it in the cup holder while you are driving
  14. Have water during your meetings
  15. Eat water based foods, such as cucumber, watermelon and grapefruit

Don’t stress yourself out if the day is almost over and you have yet to drink any water. Let’s simply aim to become better than yesterday.  

Cheers and happy hydrating.

Comment below if you have any other tips or want to share your favorite one from the list!

Your lifestyle tour guide,

Girl on Fiber

Before we know it, we will be setting goals for 2020. Wait…what? How dare you talk about 2020, it’s only February.

Question: How long have you been looking forward to the start of a new year, moving away from all of the obstacles and challenges and getting that fresh start a New Year brings?  If you’re like me, then you were (and maybe still are) very excited.

I’m here to offer you some encouragement, because although a New Year often brings peak motivation, you have 365 other motivational check-in’s. We should always be happy to wake up in the morning, because it’s a new day!   Don’t wait until Monday…today is your day!  

Did You Know:Only 8% of people actually keep their New Year’s Resolutions

(Read More Here.  A great article on setting realistic goals for the New Year if you are struggling).

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news.  This statistic even discouraged me a little.  Now that we are aware of the reality, what are we prepared to do about it?   How do we prevent falling into the 92% of people who give up on a goal they set during their motivational peak?  

ANSWER: Find a support system, someone to hold you accountable to your commitment.

If you don’t have a specific goal, that’s OK. Having the desire to live a healthy and active lifestyle is positive change that will benefit your life tremendously.  Committing to being more active, making healthier food choices, getting enough rest, taking care of yourself and doing things that make you happy, will all add value to your daily living.  

Your journey is unique and I hope you are able to find some encouragement and motivation during your reading.   I also encourage you to offer your own experiences and suggestions as well.   Together, we can accomplish so much more, so subscribe to our Blog today and let’s empower one another to create lasting changes!