Legally, you cannot recover the property until the end of a six-month period. The only lease to which exposure would be recommended would be a guaranteed short-term rent; You can exhibit it for any period, three or four months, but it makes no sense, because you can only get the property back if the lease is more than six months. The current situation is fine, but if you want to evacuate the house because you want to get the house back, you would need a floor because you could not use a section 21, because the tenants are not in the rental agreement now – you have to have a lease with the names of your tenants to use an accelerated property procedure to distribute. I think the other point, such as an 18-month rent, seems unnecessarily complex. I would be inclined to do only a 12-month and let it continue if the tenants didn`t want to break it. However, an 18-month rent could be added with a clause (there may be another sheet, provided it is attached and you and the tenant both subscribe) that after 12 months/year, the tenant can exercise the break clause. However, what is actually in the agreement only counts when there may be a dispute. Since you`ve already agreed that the lease could be broken, do you really need it? Hope that makes sense. The contract clearly stated that three parties were involved and signed the agreement and that each party could break with a one-month delay after six months.

In this case, how do we protect ourselves legally? Do we have to make a new deal? We suggest that once contracts are exchanged to purchase the property, we should terminate the tenant two months in advance. Where can I find examples of leases? How can I look for potential tenants to make sure they pay their rent? Now our owner wants to sell the apartment, and we have two months notice – but it`s only a month after signing the new contract. I bought a house and would like to finish my apartment on June 16, 2006, but the agreement states that the notice begins with the day of the rental. This means that my notice begins on June 3 and ends on August 2. Will I have to pay the rent for the remaining time, from June 17 to August 2? Is the lease with two months` notice a fair agreement? Thanks for your kind comments, it`s nice to hear that I provided what the owners want. The length of the lease is very interesting. I think the impact is that it is important that the lease does not go into another lease period. For this reason, if landlords advise, I generally recommend that they use months and dates, therefore: one year`s rent, from January 1st.

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