Just a-college, about 1,000 newcomers were offered a welcome gift from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) — almost double the salary it usually pays. But there was a condition, they had to clear a test. No, they don`t force the loan if you want to leave. It is a worthless piece of paper, and it is not on the square. I also have the same problem with 50,000 bonds TCS. I joined in April 2009. Bu I left the company after a few months. After that, I no longer received emails or calls. I joined Cognizant and worked for the last two and a half years. A week ago, I received a letter from TCS saying that I had to pay 14,000 euros 58,000 a fortnight ago. I worked at TCS for 16 months.

I signed a loan for 24 months. Now, after 2.5 years from the date of resignation, you send me a message from the arbitrator to pay 70,000 (50k of borrowing money – 18% interest). 2) If you leave the organization during the borrowing period, the Company will attempt to recover from you the amount indicated in the loan. One of my batch colleagues literally left Infosys one day, after 10 months or so.as he cannot technically “resign”; because it is during the borrowing period. Nothing happened. You don`t sow the loan We asked our faculties, “Should we go for TCS?” None of them said you are for TCS.!!! If we ask the reason, you must sit for a long time. They have government projects, so they have to show the government numbers to get projects. So they`re dying the newcomers. ! ! However, if you leave the company before the end of your loan period, you will not receive your certificate of experience.

If you want one, HR insists that you pay the amount of the loan. Once you have an agreement with the company to work for 2 years, you will have to pay it regardless of the time you spent with the company, except for the time you agreed. I have heard that such obligations are illegal in India, and companies cannot force us to sign one. It`s true? As far as I know, my friends who left their respective businesses had to pay money. In fact, it`s loan agreement, so you have to pay mandatory, or you`re sure, will also be held responsible, I plan to join and the loan says I have to pay a certain amount of money if I leave in a while. So if I leave within that time frame, do I really have to pay the loan? TCS predicts 60,000 new arrivals in GJ12-13 | Times of India It`s my personal opinion that`s wrong with TCS. TCS once had a 2-year loan term, but it has now been reduced to 1.5, you leave before, and then you have to pay 50K salary. 3) No additional amount can be recovered from you, contrary to the terms of the loan I joined at tcs on December 13, 2010. I signed an aggrement of Rs 50000 with tcs to work for them for two years. but I left the company on January 4, 2011 .now tcs sends me a letter to pay 50,000 or they will take me to court. Depending on the loan, 50,000 points will be collected because tcs will spend the money during the one-year training period. But I only did 15 days of training.

They still asked me to pay the amount. Well, I got out of the company directly after they placed me in the US on H-1B. There are many possible answers. Political correctness: you should cancel 2 weeks or 4 weeks and pay all the borrowing or visa fees. (if they ask you to). Please let me know why they come back after 2 and a half years.

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