The decoration of your town hall is your responsibility. You can make improvements on your land, but you need permission from your office before you start. As a tenant of the board, you sign a Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement with us as your landlord. This is a legal and legally binding document, that is, you agree to respect the rules of your rental agreement and should: we will inform you in writing of the date of the end of your rental agreement and we will grant you an appointment so that your house can be inspected. We insert all necessary work to replace or remove damaged devices or fittings, or modifications that you have made without authorization. We will also tell you how much rent you have to pay to end your lease. If you would like to end your rent, please email your local housing office. South Lanarkshire Council and the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) have reached an agreement to provide housing for students in Hamilton for the homeless. For more information or advice about your rent, please contact your local housing office who can help. As a tenant of the council, you have signed a Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement. This agreement defines the rights and obligations of our (as a lessor) and you (as a tenant) as well as the terms of your lease. You can ask for permission to make certain changes to your online rental agreement. For more information, check out our content pages.

It is important that you finish your lease in the right way. If you don`t, it may pay extra fees that could prevent you from getting another home. It is very important that you inform us of any changes that may affect your lease. South Lanarkshire Council has launched an online consultation on fixing the council`s house rental. South Lanarkshire Council has announced that it remains on the target of creating an additional 1,000 Council homes. Taylor Wimpey West Scotland has agreed with South Lanarkshire Council to provide 67 affordable housing units for social rents, which will form part of the broader vision of the master plan and the framework for the new community that is emerging at Benthall Farm in East Kilbride.

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