A contract to lease commercial premises without warranty. The tenancy agreement contains provisions for the payment of rents, expenses and a procedure for verifying market value. Suitable for use throughout New Zealand. The owner must be the rightful owner of the property. If the property is not owned by the owner, you should know who owns the property. Otherwise, you may unknowingly enter into a sublease agreement with slightly different rules. Your sublease contract may be subject to the principal landlord, who may impose additional responsibilities on you in favour of the principal rental company. This is a rental contract for a lock store. Maybe it`s in a parade or it`s loose. No provision is required to restore service charges. Suitable for use throughout New Zealand. A simple agreement between a landlord and a commercial tenant to change the terms of a tenancy agreement.

Change as much or as little as you like. It provides the structure in simple terms so that you want to insert the actual changes you want to make. Contains text for some of the most common reasons for needing this document. Use for any commercial lease. This professional rental contract is specifically provided for car or truck parking. It provides practical questions about the parking infrastructure on the ground and how the park is operated. Features: guarantor; Determining pauses Rent review options Allocation and sublease options Draft agreement on the deposit of security deposits. This is a complete but simple lease for the rental of independent offices or storage space over a store or other workplace. Suitable for use throughout New Zealand. Our business leasing contracts incorporate the author`s 20 years of experience with a comprehensive legal framework that provides excellent homeowner protection and a wide range of options that meet almost all requirements. All of our business leasing contracts contain the provisions you expect by default, for example. B one for a guarantor.

Full instructions on each document explain your options. Before signing the leases, there are different shapes and sizes. Whether you`re running a transportation company and need space to park your trucks, manufacture and sell goods from a warehouse, or run your business from a shop in the heart of the CBD, your lease will be at the heart of your business. A personal guarantee is an agreement that is personally responsible for all debts that the company cannot pay, usually the owner of the business. The use of the models as a starting point will ensure that agencies take a consistent approach when entering into leases and do not neglect relevant clauses that apply only to public leasing contracts (e.g. B, seismic rating provisions). The use of the models will also help agencies adapt, reuse and manage leased land and reduce the risk of the crown entering into unfavourable leases. If you need help or other rental questions, please contact Grant Adams or Tim Rankin (348-8480) in Parry Field.

To be implemented, when the relationship between agencies or services located in premises rented by a private landlord must be co-located. The co-location agreement is drawn up on the basis that each party has a separate sector for its employees and the parties jointly use the co-location areas. Buying commercial property can be complicated. You should contact a real estate advisor, lawyer or commercial real estate agent if you are considering buying real estate, especially if you do not have extensive experience in this area.

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